Sunday, 13 November 2016

Minutes of the last NWCAA Forum

County Body and Regional Panel 3 for the National Allotment Society

Salford Federation

Patricroft Methodist Church, Eccles M30 7HJ

23rd October 2016



Attendance: Chairman Alan Hull, Secretary Andrea Hallissey, Regional Rep John Irwin, Councillor Mr Lee along with 32 assorted NW Federation and Association representatives

Chairman’s Welcome:  Alan welcomed members and thanked Salford Federation for hosting the Forum meeting. He introduced the panel and apologised for the absence of the Vice Chair Andy Percival due to ill health and the Treasurer Derek Copper who is recovering from major surgery. He then informed the meeting that he would be once again out of action for a while as he will be undergoing a heart bypass operation in the near future. The meeting wished them all a speedy recovery.

Apologise: Noelle Ryder, Colin Pilcher, Francis Beswick, Cath Holmes, Maggie Mackay, Andy Percival, Derek Cooper, Steve Dennison, Jeff Hewitt and Bill Taylor.

Minutes of last meeting: Apologise for not issuing the minutes earlier. Alan proceeded to read the minutes to the meeting. Proposed and seconded by Barry William/Don Booth.

Secretary Report: Andrea apologised for not attending the last meeting and reported things had been quiet over the last few months with Alan out of action.

Item’s covered included: The issue of nomination forms for the NWCAA AGM will go out with the Dec Newsletter. Any articles and announcements for inclusion in the NWCAA Newsletter to be received by the 24th of the month prior to the event. Contact details on the change of Association committee members should be directed to NAS as well as the NWCAA. Encouragement for associations and Federations to contribute articles to the NAS Allotment magazine.

Treasures Report: Attached. Dave Morris NAS Treasurer explained how the Regional grant from NAS operates. As our finances are now sound the subject of small grants being made available to members was discussed and welcomed by members.

Regional Rep’s Report: John covered a wide range of topics.

Items covered included: The encouragement for committee’s members to have deputies in place. The NAS new rules will be available before the end of the year. NAS will be reviewing continuity between Regional and Federation constitutions. NAS will be highlighting the issue of bullying and he advised members to have systems in place to deal with such situations. Farm terrace court battle discussed. BT working with NAS regarding old BT sites being allocated for allotments.

Mentor Report: Alan reported on Knowsley Council problems regarding the administration of their sites. He appealed to members to supply any contact details they might have for the department responsible for allotments in their area. He informed members that this is a growing problem as these details are being lost to NAS with the changeover of management systems within councils. Problems with Shield Insurance charges. Both John and Alan recommended the publications “Voluntary but Not Amateur” Ruth Heys and Jacki Reason and “The Law of Allotments. 5th Edition” to members. He also expressed his concern at the lack of attendance to county meetings by a number of NAS affiliated Federations, many of which he personally had spent a lot of time helping to set up. These concerns have come to light over the last twelve months with a growing number of enquiries from member associations in these areas. Reports of limited or very little contact, co-operation, encouragement to participate or information being circulated by their local Federation.

Best Site Competition: Encouragement by the panel for members to enter the 2017 competition. A preliminary poster will go out with the November newsletter before the issue of the official poster at NWCAA AGM in April.

Salford Federation Presentation: The chairman of the Federation Don Booth proceeded to inform the meeting of the positive relationship the Federation has forged with Salford Council. He appealed to the members to get involved in the Federations “Dig for the Future” campaign. A suggestion was put forward that those Federations affected by the Manchester Spacial Framework should work together. He thanked the NWCAA for all the support for the Federation over the last few years and as a thank you the Federation presented Alan hull with a small token of their appreciation.

Councillor Lee also gave a short presentation on his support for green space and allotments.

Area Reports: Reports were presented by Trafford, Oldham, Bolton, Rosendale, Wirral and Eden Gardens. If you wish a report to be filed please return the NWCAA secretary.

A.O.B: Andrea remarked that she personally would like to thank Maggie Mackay for her courage in standing at the previous meeting to air the issue of bullying.

Alan regretted the lack of attendance from area Federations. The NWCAA has had no response or reports from a number of Federations over the last 12 months. Reasons to be investigated

The panel encouraged members to help in the NAS membership drive. Oldham and Trafford area to work with secretary.

The issue of NAS issuing receipts to Associations/Federations for sub payments

A proposal was put to the meeting regarding possible problems with the allocation of plots in the West Cheshire area. John Irwin will investigate. No West Cheshire federation members attended. Proposed and second by Bill Smethurst/Dave Morris

Plea to members to vote for Andy Percival in the NAS forth coming election for the post of President.

NEXT Meeting: January meeting to be held on the Wirral. Date, time and place to be notified.

The panel and members would like to thank the hosts, Salford Federation for the excellent venue and lunch

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