Monday, 28 November 2016


Bolton’s Allocations Plan [Housing and Employment Land] 2014/2026

Bolton’s Housing Target is 10,728 Dwellings at 694 pa with no mention of potential threats to Allotments.

Greater Manchester Spatial Fame Work [Housing and Employment Land] 2016/2036 with Potential for 220,000 Dwellings

Initial Consultation 31st Oct 2016 till 23rd Dec 16 [8 weeks]

Bolton is One of the 10 GM Councils which needs to build some 16,800 Dwellings which includes the previously mentioned 10,728 dwellings.
In reviewing this Initial plan indications are many potential building sites are still to be indicated and approved by planning.
However there is the mention of the “North Bolton Strategic Opportunity Area” where Additional Housing could be built with the potential of 3000 Holmes in around 15 Locations.
This area which is North of  Moss Bank Way and East to Harwood,  at this point of time there is little information as to where there houses will be built !!!
The Next Consultation Plans will be issued during 2017

The Committee would recommend Abas

continue to review GMSF Plan and respond where necessary.
discuss/Co-ordinate with Salford Allotments Federation [Don Booth] any common strategies and responses to the GMSF Plan
(In Accordance with the NAS guidelines),  request that Additional Allotments be made available at the rate of 20 Allotments per 1000 Dwellings Built [ Thorpe] which has the potential for an additional 320 Allotments in Bolton who has currently some 400 on the Allotments Waiting List

Jeff Gibson
Chair Association of Bolton Allotment Societies [Abas]
12th November 2016

Please note: By 'plot' or 'allotment' the NAS mean a piece of ground of approximately 250 square metres. In Salford's Plan the figure used is 5,000 square metres of allotment space per 1000 new dwellings. We prefer the use of this overall space figure since it offers the flexibility to offer a range of plot sizes..

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