Monday, 28 April 2014

Minutes of ABAS Meeting 14.04.2014

Astley Bridge Cricket Club

There were 27 delegates present from 14 sites

The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed everyone

The Assistant Secretary presented the minutes of the last meeting and the matters arising.

He confirmed that the Council will only release waiting lists to those which adopt an OMA. On the question of subsidies he read out a statement by the Executive which will also be posted on the ABAS blogsite. The Executive will not be pursuing this matter with the Council at this time.

The New ABAS constitution was presented at the meeting, and with some minor amendments was adopted. Motion proposed by R Maginn (Sapling Rd.) and seconded by M Smith (Florence Avenue). Copies will be provided to secretaries of all member societies as soon as soon as possible.

It was proposed that ABAS form a sub-group of those sites which intend to take up an OMA. Interested groups are invited to contact the association and a decision as to whether to have a sub-group or to continue with these issues at full meetings will be discussed at a later date. There was also a suggestion that ABAS take on the former Allotments Officer role as ‘surrogate’ secretary for some of the smaller sites. This too was tabled for discussion at a later date if members are interested.

ABAS is to take over the running of the Fairhurst Trophy, the Greenhalgh Trophy, and the New Tenants Trophy from the Council. ABAS is also reintroducing the Rose Bowl for ‘Best Site’. Entry Forms are available either from Terry Farrell 0786 393 3064 or from

Any Other Business

Most items had been fully discussed during the evening so there were few questions.

R Magin (Sapling Rd.) said that Avondale Rd had not known about ABAS until he mentioned it to them. Terry Farrell said that he and Jeff Gibson had now visited most of the larger sites and they were now hoping to visit small sites ABAS membership.

Florence Avenue reported that they were meeting Malcolm Russell to discuss an OMA.

They are also holding a Spring Sale on May18th.

It was reported that Terry and Jeff have again visited Cemetery Rd to see what progress has been made on the Cemetery all. They were pleased to see that good progress had been made and that work was well advanced. They will visit again in the near future.

Following the meeting Terry Farrell distributed competition forms to those societies represented at the meeting.

The next meeting will take place on Monday 12th May 2014 at Astley Bridge Cricket Club. (8.00 p.m. start).

If any member association has matters for that meeting please contact or telephone the Assistant Secretary on 07767 220391


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