Saturday, 21 July 2018


Abas has now received (thanks to Steve McHadden) an Email from United Utilities about the hosepipe ban, we've also had a phone call from them confirming the situation.


Our ref:

Your request for an exemption from the hosepipe ban
Thank you for contacting us to request an exemption from the temporary usage ban that we have put in place across the North West.
We have reviewed your request and confirm you are exempt from the temporary usage ban.
 All allotments are excluded from the ban.
We still need everyone's help in maintaining supplies of clean water to all our customers across the region and ask that even though you are exempt, you continue to use water wisely, and thank you for your support. Don't forget to visit to order free water saving items to help reduce your water use.

Yours sincerely 
Karthiga Parneharan
Customer Advisor

If you need to contact us again, here are some options:

1.   Visit our website where you can register for My Account to manage your account online or complete the Contact Us form
2.   Call us on 0800 107 8861 - our telephone lines are open daily 8am to 8pm
3.    Write to us at: United Utilities, PO Box 50, Warrington, WA55 1AQ
4.   Click reply to this email  

© United Utilities Group PLC 2018

Abas has issued the following advice to member societies:
Hose pipes should only be used to top up water barrels/butts whenever possible. It is preferable to water with watering cans whenever possible. 
Watering with hosepipes should be restricted to FOOD crops

It may be that in some instances e.g. where a plot-holder has a disability use of a hosepipe may remain necessary. Undoubtedly too, some individuals will continue to use a hose pipe but this should be left to the individual.

However we would stress the need to keep water use as low as possible for (at least three reasons):

·        United Utilities have asked that ALL users seek to minimise water usage to preserve stocks.

·        The recent hot, dry spell has led to significantly increased water usage. This increased water usage will mean significant increases in the bills United Utilities will present to the Council. These bills are paid for out of the “Allotments” budget (currently fixed between £30k and £31k). If more of this budget is spent on water then there will be less for e.g. repairs to roads, fences etc.

·        Many sites have boundaries with the adjoining householders and following abas advice on watering will hopefully will reduce any tensions with householders who are watching their own gardens deteriorate.


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