Saturday, 19 May 2018


ABAS - Association of Bolton Allotment Societies 

Privacy Notice 2018

An individual’s confidentiality is protected by the Data Protection Act and, from 25 May 2018, the

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and the Privacy and

Electronic Communications Regulations 2016 (PECR).

1.      Data Control at abas is exercised through the Executive Committee (Secretary, Chair and Treasurer).

2.      The primary data stored in electronic form is a list of email addresses of member Society representatives.

This data is stored as part of our ISP’s standard contacts folder. (This is under review.) This data is primarily collected through the Attendance Lists created at each Abas monthly meeting. The forms used at meetings will be amended to state that by providing an email address an attendee is agreeing that their data may be recorded and stored for contact purposes.

This data is used to enable Abas to communicate with members through calling notices and bulletins. (From May 25th 2018) all communications will use the BCC “blind copy” option.)

3.      Some data (the original Attendance Sheets and Membership Application Forms) is stored in paper format. These are essentially for historical purposes and occasionally for contact data in emergency.

4.      Abas will not share any of this data with any other organisation whether within or outwith the EU. (Except where legal requirements force that sharing or where the subject of the data agrees (e.g. in a grant bidding situation).

5.      Information will be kept until:-

        I.            The data subject requests it be removed

      II.            The Society for whom the data subject has been a representative requests that the data be removed from the circulation list

    III.            The Society for whom the data subject has been a representative ceases to be a member of Abas

6.      Any individual can (on proof of identity) either by post to the Secretary or by email to (

        I.            Request that Abas erase any information held on them

      II.            Request to be told what information Abas is holding on them

    III.            Request changes and corrections to any data that Abas is holding on them.

Version 1.0– May 2018

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