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MINUTES OF 15/05/2017

MINUTES of the meeting of ABAS held 15.05.2017 at Astley Bridge Cricket Club

Present 16 People from 10 OMA Sites

·        Chair Jeff Gibson

·        Terry Farrell Treasurer

·        Carol Deplitch Committee Member

·        Phil Warren Committee Member

·        Alan Kay Committee Member

Apologies Dave Jackson (Secretary), Carol Barlow (Sapling Rd.)

All Members at the meeting expressed their Very Best Wishes to Dave and Margaret, with a hope for Margaret’s full and speedy recovery.

MINUTES OF 10.04.2017

The minutes of the AGM having been posted on the Association’s blog site and members invited to submit corrections etc. on 08/05/2017, the minutes were accepted as correct.

Matters from Minutes

The Chair reported that the minutes of 13/03 and 10/04 plus our notes from the Progress Meeting had been sent to the Allotments Section and the outstanding issues – Recurring Offenders and Failure by Allotments to inform Site Secretaries of BoT notices etc. had been communicated.

No substantive reply had been received by the date of the meeting.

Over May, Site Secretaries had reported a lack of response from Allotments to e.g. monthly returns.

The following specific items of concern were mentioned

·        Moss Lea Still awaiting a response regarding who has not renewed their Tenancy Agreement so that they can re let Plots to new Tenants

·        Tonge Moor Sent "E" Mail ref if existing Tenant has finished so that they can re let No response from Council, Also phoned regarding the need for new Locks told they should "E" mail the request - no response to date.

·        Smedley Av receiving no responses to their Monthly Reports.

·        Florence Av. Following the previous Progress Meeting with the Allotments Section it was agreed that they would consider the repairs to the Site Fencing and Main Road on the Allotments , No response or Status received.  

The OMA Allotment sites present stated they are continuing to issue their Monthly Reports but the only responses from the Allotments Section is "Noted". May Monthly reports still to be issued by the site Secretaries.

On behalf of the Committee, the Chair expressed our concerns that there is a lack of Support and Commitment from the Allotments Section to Abas and the OMA Secretaries, and it was evident that the meeting shared these concerns.

Members were of the opinion that they and Abas are losing Members due to lack of Responses/Support from Council. Members appreciate that Abas are trying to do their best but they have no real power and the Council is only paying lip service to co-operating with Abas.

The Council should remember that Abas and the OMA Secretaries are Committed Volunteers trying to make the OMA Agreements work and we would expect the Council to do the same.

Mr John Woods

Mr Woods was to give a talk at the last abas meeting.

A close friend of Mr Woods passed away the previous day and in the upset Mr Woods completely forgot his appointment at abas. Terry rang him the day after the meeting. Mr Woods was very apologetic and has offered to give the talk at another time of our choosing.


There are increasing concerns about vandalism, trespassing and thefts from sites, sheds and greenhouses. Tonge Moor, Harpers Lane, Shepherd X St., Tonge Fold and recently Rawlyn Rd. have all reported problems.

Florence Av. expressed concern that the reported gap in the gap in their fence had still not been repaired.

Various suggestions were put forward by those present:

Maintain and Repair Existing Fencing, (get the Council to maintain and repair perimeter fencing on Allotment Sites)

Report and obtain an incident number from the Police for very incident

Contact the Local Police/PCOs to request assistance on Security

Install remote Security Cameras.

Use Anti Vandal Paint.

Abas to contact GMP requesting suggestions as to how to reduce Break ins and thefts.

GM Spatial Plan

It is now reported that Andy Burnham the newly elected Mayor of Greater Manchester has appointed the Mayor of Salford Paul Bennet to establish a team to re write the Spatial Plan with an emphasis on reducing the planned Housing development on Green Belt Land , Building more “Truly Affording Housing”, and a shift away from Housing on Main Roads to building in wards revitalising Town Centres with the improvements made to Bury Town Centre as an example.


We are again organising the Fairhurst, Greenhalgh, New Tenant and Rosebowl Competitions.

We hope as many sites as possible will enter plot-holders in these competitions

Judging will be in June and July (the scoring system is set out as part of the 13.03 minutes on the blog-site)

Forms etc. available via Terry


The Show will be held at Trinity Church, Tonge Fold

The date is Saturday 12th August

The list of classes is given on the blog-site

We need sponsorship for the various classes - £10 per class is suggested – the closing date for sponsorship is the June abas meeting


We have received no interest / communication etc. about the proposed Photographic / Art Exhibition to be held in conjunction with the Annual Show

Therefore we shall not take this idea forward for 2017.


Could members please remember to advise us of any events, shows or functions that you are planning  for 2017 and we’ll put them on our blog page as well as trying to get wider publicity.


Members were reminded that the minutes of the North-Western Counties Allotments Association AGM held at Stanley Park, Blackpool on 25th March are now available on the Association’s website (see below) -

NWCAA can be contacted through the secretary (Andrea Hallissey) at

Abas’ representatives to NWCAA events are Terry and Jeff.

Grants and Funding Opportunities
Members were reminded that there are details of potential funding from TESCO for projects such as meeting rooms, chemical toilets, site and land improvements on the NWCAA web-site (Blackpool Federation has secure £13k so far with a possible £5k to follow)

Societies (and abas) need to look seriously into future fund-raising since support from the ‘Big Bolton Fund’ / CVS has diminished and is likely to be further cut in future. In addition many funders are refusing repeat applications within a set period.

CVS grant advisors are advising even medium size groups to look at designating a fundraising officer or committee and to make maximum use of e.g. the Fundraising portals that Bolton CVS and GMCVO operate


Harpers Lane expressed concern that when they sent an "E" mail to the Allotments Section requesting if they could have a Car Boot Sale on the Site to raise much needed society funds, they received a Flat no without any explanation as to why !!                 

Harpers Lane are concerned that they are trying to raise money for their funds but get no assistance to do so .

Following a conversation with Harpers Lane’s Secretary, Dave has subsequently (20/05/2017) emailed the Allotments Section asking them to reconsider.


Our next meeting is on Monday June 12th this will be followed by:

Monday July 10th

Monday August 14th

Monday Sept 11th

Monday October 9th

And the AGM on Monday November 13th

All meetings start at 8.00 p.m.

The Meeting Closed at 21:20

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