Monday, 12 December 2016

GMSF - Jeff's report

Our Chair - Jeff Gibson has devoted considerable time to scanning the GMSF documents currently available - he has drawn the current conclusions

I have reviewed the GMSF map to determine if any of our 37 Allotment Sites are under treat from proposed Housing Development 2014/2035.

It would have been much easies if the GMSF Web site had their proposed developments indicated with a Post Code but I suppose that would be too easy, However the following are my observations.

 Chequerbent Allotments  BL5 3JD,  3 Plots Not Statutory  Site. not Members of Abas
These 3 plots appear to be within the Perimeter of the Westhoughton Parkland 3 , 103.9ha , ID 1453731805946 proposed Development and as so "At Risk"

 Dealey Road Allotments BL3 4NA,  25 Plots Statutory Site and Members of Abas
Proposed Housing Developments 973-Bol 2014/19, and 1308-Bol 1014/19 are on two sides of the Allotments Fence line and consideration should be given for adequate Secure Fencing.

Lever Park Allotments  Horwich, BL6 7LU, 32 Plots Statutory Site  and Member of Abas
Proposed Housing Development call for Sites Winter 2015/16 Submission 1453220474434, 3.07ha of land comes up to one of the Allotments Fence Line and consideration should be given for adequate Secure Fencing

Longworth Road Allotments Horwich BL6 7BE , 18 Plots Statutory Site   Not Members of Abas but have an OMA
This Site is "OK" but we must be aware the nearby Private Site is earmarked for Housing Development Ref 577-BOL

 Sapling Road Allotments BL3 3EB , 61 Plots Statutory Site  Members of Abas
There is an Housing Development Plan # 1453214036932 , 6.21ha [ Off Slack Fold Lane ] which borders along the entire boundary fence line of the Allotment Site and consideration should be given for adequate Secure Fencing

 Tonge Fold  Allotments  BL2 6BJ  38 Plots Non Statutory Site
There are two proposed Housing Developments 2014/35  1222-BOL one will be on the Health Centre and the other is the near by  Romer Street Works and consideration should be given for adequate Secure Fencing

Cross St Allotments - does anyone know the location of these?

Hall Lea Bank Westhoughton  BL5 3DD 1 Plot
No Map and not visible on Google Maps  

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