Monday, 20 April 2015


The first item was a talk by DAVE METCALFE on GROWING AND SHOWING ONIONS.

This talk was very informative and excellent preparation for those intending to enter the Leek and Onion Show in September. The talk lasted until approximately 9.00 p.m. and was followed by a short presentation on behalf of the National Vegetable Society.


After a short break, and the drawing of the raffle there followed a shortened version of the usual monthly meeting.


Minutes of the Meeting on 09/03/2015

The minutes of 09/03/15 having been posted on the blog-site for members, the Committee moved that the minutes be accepted as a true record.

Matters Arising

Issues Register

There had been a request that Societies supply ABAS with lists of issues raised with the Council either in Monthly Reports or otherwise on a regular basis and that ABAS will use this to create a register for use at Partnership Meetings with MR

Future Talks

The Secretary is hoping to arrange a talk by GMP on Allotment Security (ideally for the July meeting)

Works at Cemetery Rd. –

The works at Cemetery Rd were initially commissioned through the Cemeteries section at Bolton MBC. Neighbourhood Services have been unable to get a response about this matter to date.

Shows and Competitions

The Onion and Leek Show

Handouts showing the Schedules of Classes are available together with the criteria for judging class 1 were distributed.

ABAS are still seeking sponsorship for some classes and for the show in general.

The Show Committee are seeking funding through a grant from the Lord Lieutenant’s Fund

The Borough Allotment Competition

Entry forms are available and Society Secretaries should have received entry packs through the Post. If you haven’t please email the Secretary –

We are seeking sponsorship for the competition

It is hoped that the presentations can take place at ABAS’ August Meeting

Update on Council Matters

There have been no Partnership Meetings with the Council since the meeting of 09/03/2015

There has been one informal meeting between the Secretary and the Head of Neighbourhood Services – it is likely that the experiment with combination locks will not proceed

A contact with an Allotment Society in the Wigan area has lead to the Committee trying to find out more about the implications for plot-holders of the proposed joint working between Bolton and Wigan’s Environmental Services Departments .

Issues Raised by Societies

A number of societies have expressed disappointment with the performance of the Allotments Section.

These centre around mistakes in billing, lack of response to monthly reports, repeated requests for the same information, loss of information sent to the Council etc.

The Committee has discussed these with the Section. The key problem (as we are all aware) is the lack of resources in the section certainly in terms of staffing and in some people’s opinions in systems. Given the Council’s views on a ‘balanced budget’ this is unlikely to change in the near future.

We hope the idea of compiling a register of key issues / problems and taking it to the Partnership Meetings will help.

Issues from the floor

External Matters

The NWCAA is the ‘Regional’ layer of the National Allotment Society of which many local societies an individuals are members

NWCAA Annual General Meeting – Southport

Committee Members attended the Annual General Meeting of the North West Counties Allotments Association

NWCAA Arts Exhibit at Southport Flower Show 2015

Margaret Jackson (Harpers Lane) is organising an Arts Exhibit to be part of the NWCAA display at this year’s Southport Show. Society Secretaries are co-operating by allowing artists to visit sites.

NWCAA – The Best North-West Allotment Site 2015

The NWCAA is organising a competition to find the best allotment SITE in the North-West. The competition is being sponsored by Mahers. Details from and entries to

Abas speakers’ programme

The next talk is on 11th May and will be delivered by a representative of the National Vegetable      Society (who are also providing the judge for the Leek and Onion Show) – it will be at 8.00 p.m. at Astley Bridge Cricket Club.

Future events are being arranged

Any other business

A query was raised as too whether it is still possible for a plot-holder on one site to apply for a transfer to a plot on another site without having to go onto the waiting list for the new site. It was stated that in Alan Crook’s day such transfers were possible. General opinion was that such transfers are not generally available these days, and that someone wishing to make such a move would almost certainly have to relinquish their existing plot and take their place at the bottom of the waiting list for their chosen destination site. However the Secretary will contact the Allotments section to determine whether this is true.

Date of next meeting

11th May – Astley Bridge Cricket Club



Harpers Lane Allotments Site is holding a Spring Event on the 9th and 10th of May.


The 9th of May is an Open Site Event featuring a Local Produce Market with plant sales etc. There will also be (subject to demand) a Car Boot Sale on the top field. Stalls in the Produce Market or on the top field are available at £10.00. The site will be open from 10.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.


The 10th of May features a visit by the Mikron Theatre Company who are presenting ‘One of Each’ in the Society Marquee. This company has been here several times and is very popular and very entertaining, with a show suitable for all the family. Admission is free, but a collection will be taken at the end of the performance. Refreshments will be available.





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