Friday, 13 March 2015

Schedule of Onion and Leek Show

Association of Bolton Allotment Societies [ABAS]

                          Onion and Leek Show 2015

To be held at the Astley Bridge Cricket Club Sunday 27th Sept

Provisional list of Vegetables to be Tabled on the Day of the Show.

1.      Best Display of 4 Vegetables, One of each kind from a list provided, space allowed is 60cmx 45cm. Nb only one entry per exhibitor.

2.     Three Stump Carrots [ with 5-8cm of tops]

3.     Three Parsnips [with 5-8cm of tops]

4.     Three Onions dressed from sets under 250g

5.     Three Onions dressed from seed under 250g

6.     Three Onions dressed from seed 250g and over

7.     Three Onions dressed one under 250g one 250g to 450g and one over 450g

8.     Two Blanched Leeks with foliage and roots

9.     Two Pot Leeks with foliage and roots, not to exceed 6” [15cm] to tight button

10.                        10 Shallots dressed under 38mm

11.                        10 Shallots dressed 38mm and over

12.                        Three Red Onions dressed

13.                        Heaviest Onion as grown complete with foliage and roots

14.                        Four Tomatoes complete with calyces attached

Nb. Class 1 is one entry per exhibitor all other classes max of two entries per exhibitor.

Above list is provided to enable those interested in the show to plan and grow their exhibits.

Monthly updates regarding the Show will be provided at our Monthly Meetings

Official Show Schedule to follow 

ABAS March 2015.

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