Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Minutes 09/06/2014



Attendance: 25 delegates from 11 sites

 The Chair opened the meeting by welcoming everyone

The Minutes of the last meeting were passed by the meeting

Matters Arising from the last meeting

The CVS bid has been submitted


Matters Arising in the Interim between Meetings

The following matters had been raised by members and discussed with the Council.

  • Inclusion of Forward plans in the OMA – see blog-site
  • Jurisdiction of Societies over non-members under the OMA – see blog-site
  • Dealing with aggressive and abusive tenants

o   The Council have stated that abusive behaviour towards Society officers and other tenants will be treated as a breach of tenancy and dealt with as such. If problems arise societies should collect evidence and submit this to Malcolm Russell.

  • Permission for events under OMAs

o   Societies should submit a calendar of events together with details of their insurance provision to the Council as part of the OMA

  • Creating a Welcome Booklet

o   Some sites wish to create welcome booklet for new tenants – ABAS has obtained copies of useful documents from the North-West Counties Allotments Association. Societies can access these by emailing


Progress on OMAs

·         Harpers Lane have completed their OMA

·         Florence Avenue are currently completing their OMA

·         9 other sites are at various stages of the process

·         One site (Lowndes Street) has decided not to pursue an OMA



Terry Farrell reported that eight sites have entered with a total of twenty plots for judging overall. The first round of judging will be completed on Tuesday 10th June. The judges were very pleased with the standard of the plots seen so far. The final round of judging starts July 14th.


It was suggested form the floor that the presentation of prizes should take place at Harpers Lane Open Day (August 10th) and that the Mayor should be approached to present the prizes.


Any Other Business

  • Sapling Rd enquired as to the position of structures left on plots when they become vacant. The Assistant Secretary promised to follow this up with the Council and post the results on the blog-site.
  • Haslam Park and Dealey Rd. need help in forming a constituted society. ABAS will provide assistance as asked. (Terry Farrell has offered to visit and attend a site meeting.
  • Cemetery RD Farnworth reported that reinstatement work following repairs to the cemetery retaining wall has not been carried out as agreed. In particular repairs have not been made to fencing and some plots have been left unusable. Terry Farrell and Jeff Gibson will visit and report back to ABAS.
  • The meeting was informed that CVS (The Hub) is hosting a workshop on the 9th July on ‘How to find the right grant” – details via the CVS website

Meeting Closed

Date and Venue of next meeting: 8.00 p.m. 14th July at Astley Bridge CC



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