Tuesday, 27 May 2014

5-year plan

Under proposed OMA arrangements sites are invited to submit a 5-year forward plan.

So far we think that the following elements could usefully be included:-

PROJECT LIST - a list of the site management and improvements projects (such as installing composting toilets) that the Society would hope to undertake with some kind of timeline. It would be useful to indicate where such projects would be the subject of grant applications and to indicate where support from the Council in the forms of letters of understanding, building leases. etc. would be needed.

PROGRAMME OF EVENTS - particularly annual and seasonal events - whether fundraising or other - it would be especially relevant to state if the monies from these events are intended to fund the projects referred to earlier  .

COMMUNITY OUTREACH - any initiatives that the Society might hope to innovate with other community groups e.g. having a café in the Amenities Hut once a week, linking surplus produce to Food Banks and / or projects like the recent Diggers' Kitchen initiative, or working with local schools.

Any ideas about formats and content would be gratefully received at ABAS (boltonallotments2014@yahoo.co.uk) and we'll do our best to circulate them.

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