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Present: 60 Bolton plot-holders representing 17 sites (Harpers Lane, Tonge Fold, Sapling rd., Shepherds Cross Street, Clammerclough, Firwood Lane, Chequerbent Gardens, Tonge Moor Rd., Watersmeeting, Dealey Rd., Florence Avenue, Lowndes St., Moss Lea, Longworth rd., Aisndale Rd., Rawlyn Rd., Ashworth Lane)

  1. The Chair (Richard Heyes) opened the meeting with a welcome address.
  2. This was followed by a presentation on ABAS (what it stands for, and how it might benefit plot-holders, also its future aims) given by the Assistant Secretary (Dave Jackson)
  3. This was followed by the main presentation by our guest speaker Mr Malcolm Russell (Head of Neighbourhood Services, Bolton MBC). Mr Russell explained the Council’s views on the future of Allotments. He also gave a breakdown of the expenditure on allotments in the future. He gave a full presentation of the Council’s plans as to how it hopes Allotments Sites may be run in the future.

He ended with a Question and Answer Session.

Only two questions were asked:-

    1. A plot-holder asked if we cut down on our use of water would the savings be ploughed back into allotment funds. Mr Russell replied that any money saved would be used on allotment work.
    2. Geoff Hamer stated that the money used to subsidise allotments should he same as that being spent to subsidise other leisure activities. He quoted the Reigate and Banstead case. Mr Russell was unable to answer as it was not in his brief to do so.As a follow-up, a plot-holder (Lowndes St.) asked if ABAS would be willing to enquire of the NSALG whether it was valid to apply the Reigate and Banstead ruling to the issue of the subsidies given to various Leisure services.  
  1. The Secretary (George Wilde) then gave the closing speech in which he asked plot-holders to come to our future meetings, and to get their societies to join ABAS and contribute to our funds. A list of dates for future meetings was distributed to those present and there seemed a positive response from quite a few sites.
  2. The meeting closed at approximately 21.15 hrs.



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